BMT Training Services

BMT Training Services

Our beliefs are focused on a desire to assist people, teams and organisations to strive for and achieve success.Our ability to grow with our clients for more than a decade and a half reflects how we put our core beliefs into practice.Our success with clients is based on this. It helps us to focus on the clients real needs, build strong relationships, improve productivity and remain cost effective.We are proud of our professional reputation. We believe that every training program we deliver and every BMT person’s performance reflects on each and every individual in our organisation. That is why we have a strong quality focus in our management processes and why we select and develop only the most professional facilitators to join the BMT team and represent us. We want the best people and we want them to stay. This helps us provide high quality, low risk training solutions to our clients.BMT is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We encourage our people to work in a flexible workplace in order to find the balance between a professional and personal life. Many of the BMT team are actively involved in the community in various voluntary capacities. This is something we encourage and support.

bmt training services

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Innovative Solutions

Our training solutions are always designed and delivered to meet the needs of each client, we personalise each individual engagement. We have direct experience of best practice management across a wide range of industry and government sectors and we are able to offer innovative solutions that really work.

Clients As Partners

We have a strong record of partnering with our clients. We make sure our clients’ needs and expectations are met by integrating individual company policies, procedures and key objectives into our training. We work closely with our clients gaining clarity and grounding in their business to ensure effective skills transfer from the training environment to the workplace

Our Belief

  • BMT provides a benchmark of training excellence. We actively promote the core values of best practice in organisational performance. We fully subscribe to the philosophy that training is a means not an end. Our internal quality systems apply to all of our services. BMT has been invited to present on our quality systems in key training forums.